Bubble Gum / VG50 - PG50 / 6mg


Cappuccino Flavour / XVX E Liquid / 0mg

Bubblegum Flavour / XVX E Liquid / 0mg

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XVX - E Liquid - Bubblegum Flavour
This listing is specifically for The XVX E Liquid in Bubblegum Flavour - 10ml Bottle with Needle Tip.

The XVX E Liquid gives you the best quality and flavour profile possible with XVX's range of nicotine free e-Liquids for your refillable e-cigarette. XVX sources the highest grade raw materials, natural extracts and pharmaceutical grade ingredients. XVX E-Liquids are manufactured with advanced production techniques and quality control processes which enables conformity to the highest international pharmaceutical standards.

Needle Tip
XVX believes in better, that's why all of our eLiquid bottles come with a needle tip, this ensures precision pouring without any spills.

For best vaping results all round, XVX eLiquids use a 70% VG to 30% PG mix, this is to give the best balance of flavour and use with pro tanks and high quality vapourisers which are not best suited with PG heavy eLiquids. All XVX branded vapourisers are recommended to be vaped with XVX Eliquids for this reason.


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