XVX RELOAD / Prefill / 3 Pack / Strawberry / 0mg


XVX RELOAD / Prefill / 3 Pack / Strawberry / 18mg

XVX RELOAD / Prefill / 3 Pack / Strawberry / 12mg

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XVX RELOAD / POD PREFILL CARTRIDGES - Strawberry Flavour - 12mg
The XVX RELOAD POD REFILL CARTRIDGES in Blueberry Flavour come in a pack of 3, each pod is individually sealed in foil packaging for maximum freshness, follow the instructions which are provided with the XVX RELOAD Starter Kit to prime your pod's for best results.

Stick The Clip In / RELOAD Pod Cartridges
RELOAD allows you to make quick and clean flavour changes, the cotton wick provides 1.5Ω resistance. Prefill RELOAD Pod Cartridges are sold separately as a 3 pack, the starter kit comes with 1 prefill pod.

Prefills / Flavours Glaore
The RELOAD range has 23 different 3 pack selections, so while it doesn't allow you to refill, you have a great wealth of cartridge selections with the XVX RELOAD selection. .

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