XVX CIGAR Refill / SOFT TIP / BITEABLE / Coconut Vanilla Flavour


XVX CIGAR Refill / SOFT TIP / BITEABLE / Havana Cigar Flavour

XVX CIGAR Refill / SOFT TIP / BITEABLE / Cuban Cigar Flavour

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XVX CIGAR Refill Cartridges - Soft Tip - Cuban Cigar Flavour
The XVX Cigar Refill Cartridges are refill cartridges for the XVX Cigar electronic flavoured e Cigar with an inbuilt USB connection, the refill cartridge has a female Type A USB connection to connect to the XVX Cigar battery. Each flavour cartridge lasts for approximately 900 puffs.

Portable Design
The refill cartridges for the XVX cigar comes in a small pocket-sized 2 pack of flavours. The 2 pack offers approximately 1800 puffs in total, it's sure to be enough vapour for even the most adventurous nights out.

Flavour Promise
If you don't like a flavour for any reason, XVX promises to exchange the flavour with no questions asked, it's all part of the service!

Quality Assured
XVX sources the highest grade raw materials, natural extracts and pharmaceutical grade ingredients. XVX E-Liquids are manufactured with advanced production techniques and quality control processes which enables conformity to the highest international pharmaceutical standards.

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