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XVX Charger \ UK Mains To USB Adaptor
The XVX Charger is designed to work with all vape pen batteries provided with XVX branded products.

The XVX Charger \ UK Mains To USB Adaptor is made using high quality grade materials and tested by XVX for safety and quality.

The XVX Charger \ UK Mains To USB Adaptor is designed to output 500mA therefore ensuring it is safe for use to charge batteries which require a lower USB amperage setting such as most electronic cigarettes. The products that it can charge which are provided by XVX can be found below:


Safety First
XVX is dedicated to product safety, due to the nature of electronic cigarettes and the popularity of mains to USB adaptors provided with mobile phones and other electronic devices, many people are charging their products incorrectly. The XVX Charger \ UK Mains To USB Adaptor is designed to have an amperage setting of 500mA, unlike iPhone and similar plugs which can have an amperage setting as high as 2000mA, which is 4 times the safe levels.

Extended Warranty
XVX believes vaping is part of a lifestyle and that is why XVX offers an unrivalled 6 month warranty on all vaping products.

Guaranteed Satisfaction
XVX offers a full 30 day money back guarantee with all products. We have confidence in our products and offer a money-back guarantee if you're not 100% satisfied. We've made it really simple to claim your money back - simply contact XVX via the contact form or by calling our direct dial, local rate number.

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