XVX CIGAR / Shisha Flavours Starter Kit


XVX CIGAR / SOFT TIPS / Shisha Flavours Starter Kit

XVX CIGAR / SOFT TIPS / Cigar Flavours Starter Kit

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The XVX Cigar - Tobacco Lovers Starter Kit is an electronic Cigar with an inbuilt USB connection, this doubles up as a USB charger and is used also to change flavours. The battery can last up to 900 puffs on a full battery and so does each flavour cartridge.

Power Moves
The XVX Cigar has a 1200mAh USB Battery and offers very generous vapour. The connector on the battery is a USB Type A Male connection which doubles up as a charger and to change flavours.

Portable Design
The XVX CIGAR does not come with any portable packaging as it is completely portable and ensures your suit or tuxedo does not require dry cleaning due to that familiar foggy odour the morning after.

Top Flavours
XVX Cigar is available in many flavours and our soft tip cartridges are available in our 6 most popular flavours, all flavours are listed below:

✔ Coffee
✔ Bubblegum
✔ Cherry
✔ Vanilla
✔ Strawberry
✔ Blueberry
✔ Watermelon
✔ Mint (Available with soft tip)
✔ Cigar - Original (Available with soft tip)
✔ Double Apple / Shisha (Available with soft tip)
✔ Grape
✔ Juicy Peach
✔ Banana
✔ Energy Drink
✔ Vanilla Coconut (Available with soft tip)
✔ Havana Cigar (Available with soft tip)
✔ Cuban Cigar (Available with soft tip)

Safety First - Overcharge Safety Protection
The XVX Cigar comes with overcharge safety protection as standard which safeguards against short circuit, overcharge or burn out.

Extended Warranty
XVX believes vaping is part of a lifestyle and that is why XVX offers an unrivalled 6 month warranty on all vaping products.

Guaranteed Satisfaction
XVX offers a full 30 day money back guarantee with all products. We have confidence in our products and offer a money-back guarantee if you're not 100% satisfied. We've made it really simple to claim your money back - simply contact XVX via the contact form or by calling our direct dial, local rate number.

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